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We all know that social media and social networking is a great way of connecting with those who are out of our reach, who live in another country etc. Pornstars are also using social media to push their brand further and to gain as many followers, likes and at the end fans, who are going to spend some dough on them. Plain and simple. The AIDA model, Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action, then sell them some merch and make money off of the pussy! We all understand this, it is a part of the marketing but we don't think of it like that when we see our fav pornstar using a silly Snapchat filter. Instead, we laugh and love them even more for it. As we should.

Abby Cross In High Heels

Professional pornstar Abby Cross poses in her sexy high heels and work skirt.

Snapchat can be a cool little social media app, that gives us an awesome platform where we get to make short vids that are deleted once they are opened. Filters give it that much-needed spice and pornstars get to gather up fans and show them a bit more than their regular ohh and ahh routine that we're used to seeing them perform on a regular. Abby Cross has 31.5k followers on Snapchat. She goes by theabbycross. Check her out. Then, we have the ever wonderful Adriana Chechik who goes by adrianachechik and has 19.1k followers. These numbers might seem small compared to what Twitter or better yet Instagram numbers are but, Snapchat is still an “underground” thing, a hip thing if you will. Pornstars are here because of their reach, understandable, but to see them use these filters and show us a silly side to them, is worth gold!

160 days ago / 18PlusPics

Big breasted women is a category in porn that came about 10 maybe 15 years ago when the porn industry realized that they need to branch out to other niches since, at that time, there were the basic categories, big boobs, milf, blonde, brunette etc. No one covered BBW section and there are so many who adored chunky women. For those who are not all that clear with porn terminology, BBW to a regular guy means fat, but it's not politically correct to say that anymore, we don't want social justice warriors on our asses. BBW porn is a niche where you have women who are large in size and therefore, have big breasts.

Naked BBW Strips Down To Nothing

Nude chubby woman at the campgrounds with her tight pants down.

Some like to say that big boobs on a BBW lady is like abs on a skinny dude. That makes sense but from a porn perspective, people who love BBW category adore these ladies none the less. Chubby women in porn are a fetish to those who love to see a big lard butt shaking, big breasts that dangle and jiggle like lard in a pot. See, this is a perfect example of a fetish. To those who don't have it, they are turned off by it but to those who swear by it, it is the best thing in sex. Making a contrast and showcasing how fetishes work makes people reflect thus making them a bit more accepting of the differences that are confronting with their own worldviews. That's why it is so important to be open to all of these sexual behaviours and sexual flavors since you never know when your little kink is going to be revealed. Stay woke and be accepting of those big boobs bitches, they need to make a buck somehow.

160 days ago / 18PlusPics

There are those who are into feet porn. Sure, you can judge them, call them all kinds of names but will you be right? Will they stop? There are those who love big boobs. Oh, they are alright, that's normal. Big asses, sure, gimme some of that. Petite teens – you pervert! What's wrong with you! These are some of the opinions that you might hear from the average Joe who thinks he has all the answers, the Christian community who thinks sex is a sin, the stay at home mom who has nothing better to do than write comments on forums, criticizing porn and all aspects of it because she isn't getting any…

Gorgeous blonde and brunette teens show off their petite little bodies together.

Gorgeous blonde and brunette teens show off their petite little bodies together.

We say – who gives a damn! If petite teen porn works for you, then by all means, watch it 'till your eyes bleed. There are so many who adore teen porn and it all makes sense. Sex with teens to some is a throwback moment to when they were young. To some, it is still a reality that needs to be realized, especially to horny butt-head high-school boys. Petite teens can be maneuvered in all kinds of ways and the sheer feeling of domination over a young girl who is horny as hell and wants it in her tight little play hole is what makes this fantasy so alluring. How can you deny that?

The petite category on any tube site is usually filled with teen porn. Teen girls are still developing and it's that fragility that's also a turn on, why so many adore seeing delectable teens getting it on with dudes who actually know what they are doing with their manhood. This is not a fetish, this is just a regular category on any porn site. If this is what rocks your boat, who's to tell you that it's wrong. Fuck'em! Porn is wrong in its essence but then again, so is salt, alcohol, tobacco, TV, tabloids…should we go on. Now go and check out petite teen porn. You are dismissed.boardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboard

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Jiggle and wiggle, slurp and gaga all ova' that pop-sickle, you thick bizzle! Almost sounds like a lyric from a southern rap artist's song about black women, doesn't it? It took only a few references and immediately our brains went to – black women and thick booties! That's how powerful those black bums are. Now, we all know that black women have big assets but it seems as if in the recent decade or so, these ass-ets grew bigger in size. If you remember Nyomi Banxxx from 2006, she was a black girl who had the regular black body, meaning a sweet ass, an augmented chest and a pussy that could store Lex Steele's fire hydrant inside of it.

Ebony MILF Twerking

Phat ass ebony MILF twerking for the porn GIF.

Fast forward to a couple of years later, we have Alicia Tyler and her thick ass that was the definition of bootylicious. Pinky is also one of those big booty hoes who went nuclear with their asses. This girl was ALL ass. If it weren't for her pink hair, we wouldn't even realize that it was a person, we'd think it was a walking, talking ass ready to be plowed by a huge black donger. That's the thing, black women are typecasted into this stereotype, that they are all thick, that they all have big asses and most of the time, when an average porn viewer clicks on an ebony porn video, it is because a black ass is expected to be seen.

There is nothing wrong with this characterization of black women. It's porn, don't take it all that seriously. Porn is supposed to be used to indulge in fantasies that most of us, probably will never live out. If we did, then we wouldn't use porn, you can bet your sweet Lilly ass on that! It's just that there are so many other great black women who perform so well but they are pushed aside because they don't have an anaconda butt or they don't fit into the mould of what we know or expect from a black woman in porn. We are not placing any judgements here, we accept the reality as it is but keep in mind, that it is PORN reality, not the actual one. For what it's worth, it doesn't get any better than ebony asses. Facts!

160 days ago / 18PlusPics

They say that vine is better with age but is it the same with sex? Getting old is no fun but as it turns out, in porn, some of these fine ladies aged better than vine and are having the time of their life. Their careers resurrected once they turned 40, well, at least when they reached the MILF age, whatever one considers that to be. MILFs or Mother I'd Love to Fuck is an acronym that was first heard in the 90s and then made popular by the “American Pie” movie, this word is now associated with these lovely ladies who are crushing it in the porn business. Who are these queens who get to carry the title of the baddest MILF around? Here's a short list that we consider to be on point.

You have to start it off with the impeccable Football Fantasy player – Lisa Ann! No man in the world could ever resist her good looks, her huge breasts and her oozing sexuality that made this seductress into a superstar in her own right. She got her big brake when she made “Who's Nailin' Paylin?” and the rest is history. Thank God for politics.

Brandi Love most certainly has to be on the list due to the fact that almost every homepage of any tube site has one of her scenes on it. This C.F.O. who's an owner of two multimedia companies is a fantasy of so many puberty stricken lads in the world thanks to her still tight body, juicy melons and her raw sexuality. She's doing the step-mom role in most of her videos now, so she is mooching out every last dime out of the typecast that she was placed into. Who cares, mooch it to the fullest.

Kendra Lust is a brunette, big boobs, “I'm gonna bite that cock off” milf, who can easily slip into the cougar category by a click of a mouse. She still has a tight ass, (tighter and better than some of her younger colleagues) and she knows her ways with the camera and the cock. Lust, that she is, to so many on this MILF porn craving globe.

Shay Fox might not be all that recognizable by her name, but once you see her, her boobs actually, you'll remember that seance you had while watching one of her videos. Tight big breasts, a face that is a definition of a sexually experienced woman who still craves more is why Shay is so wanted in the MILF genre. Check out one of her videos and you be the judge.