We all know that social media and social networking is a great way of connecting with those who are out of our reach, who live in another country etc. Pornstars are also using social media to push their brand further and to gain as many followers, likes and at the end fans, who are going to spend some dough on them. Plain and simple. The AIDA model, Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action, then sell them some merch and make money off of the pussy! We all understand this, it is a part of the marketing but we don't think of it like that when we see our fav pornstar using a silly Snapchat filter. Instead, we laugh and love them even more for it. As we should.

Abby Cross In High Heels

Professional pornstar Abby Cross poses in her sexy high heels and work skirt.

Snapchat can be a cool little social media app, that gives us an awesome platform where we get to make short vids that are deleted once they are opened. Filters give it that much-needed spice and pornstars get to gather up fans and show them a bit more than their regular ohh and ahh routine that we're used to seeing them perform on a regular. Abby Cross has 31.5k followers on Snapchat. She goes by theabbycross. Check her out. Then, we have the ever wonderful Adriana Chechik who goes by adrianachechik and has 19.1k followers. These numbers might seem small compared to what Twitter or better yet Instagram numbers are but, Snapchat is still an “underground” thing, a hip thing if you will. Pornstars are here because of their reach, understandable, but to see them use these filters and show us a silly side to them, is worth gold!